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Institute for Nuclear Technology


Institute for Nuclear Technology was established in 1991 in Zagreb. With more than 50 employees INETEC are one of the leading companies in the field of development of new technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT) of nuclear power plants components and performance of the examinations. INETEC is active in permanent programs of research, development, design, construction and fabrication of equipment, tools, plugs and probes, including software and instruments for NDT and other service activities at nuclear power plants, as well as at thermal and hydro power plants and at other industrial applications.


Testing, Research & Standards Centre (TRSC)


Testing, Research & Standards Centre (TRSC) of Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC) is a Unit that belongs to the Support Operations Division and its activities include the provision of services to all PPC Group and to third parties also. The services provided include tests in its laboratories, accreditations, inspections in the PPC Group infrastructure and installations, instrument calibration, applications, research and analysis activities, specialized consultation studies as well as QA/QC services for materials and equipment either in service or under purchasing.

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The Ultrasound Institute of the Kaunas University of Technology is a research department which is known in the world for research achievements in the field of ultrasound. The Ultrasound Institute has experience in different areas of various applications of ultrasonic techniques for aerospace industry, nuclear plants, space research, monitoring of various manufacturing processes, ultrasonic flow measurements of gases and liquids and development of non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques for composite materials.

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TWI is a global company delivering world class value to its Members, through research, consultancy and training services in welding and joining, engineering, non-destructive testing inspection, materials, surfacing, and lifecycle integrity - respected for its expertise, professionalism and independence.